The Collaborative Story

The Collaborative Story is an ongoing story you can be a part of! Each part ends with a box where anyone who wants to can continue. You can write it in any form of your own style — a chapter, flash-fiction style, poetic, and more.

Submission Rules

  1. Please only submit a following part to the story. There is a space for comments below and no spam please.
  2. Submit using the box at the end of each post in this series. It makes things easier. Also, if you are submitting, say, a part 3, enter it in the box on the part 2 post, not the part 1 post.
  3. Keep it PG. No harsh language or PG-13+ scenes.
  4. NO racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.
  5. Length: A part can be as short as one sentence and as long as 800 words, but I’m not strict — 801 words is fine.
  6. Genre/style: Feel free to write in whatever style you want. You could even continue in a poem.
  7. Deadline: There is no set deadline, but if no one writes something within a week or two, I will write a part or ask someone I know to.

The Story So Far

Click the most recent part to add your continuation.

Part 1 (by ikwords) ~ it’s the second prompt in the list of three
Part 2 (by ddinomorphball)
Part 3 (by PatBunny)
Part 4 (by ikwords)

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