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Summer Reading (otherwise known as My Eight-Page List of To-Be-Reads)

With school soon to go out and a stretch of three months with hopefully very few Zoom meetings, of course I will be doing my two favorite things: reading and writing. What better way to waste time than handwrite an eight-page list of two hundred books I want to read but never will get to?

Well, I definitely won’t with that attitude. So I guess we’re just seeing how many I can read this summer, and then the fall, and then the winter. After writing my list, I put them in a random order. Here it is.

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**Calling all bookworms!** Summer Reading Challenge

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Note that all credit goes to the link above. This is not my creation but I think it is a great idea and want to pass it on. In addition, the file below is for printing on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. If you click the link, there is a poster size option too, as well as some ideas for some of the challenges.

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Are You a True word Nerd? Take teh Quiz

Do you think you are a “true” word nerd?

Do you have multiple books going and countless TBRs?

Do you read the dictionary for fun?

Do you enjoy writing, reading, spelling, and more?

Take this 20-question personality quiz to reflect on these questions and more.

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