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The 10 Best Writing Tips I’ve Learned

What is good writing?

A question without a simple answer.

I am no expert at writing — or anything, for that matter. You need many years to gain expertise, and I haven’t had many years yet. But I do love writing, and I get better at it every day. Here are some things I have learned from online, other people, and my own experience.

Red pen lying beside a page of writing with some markings and corrections.
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I decided to try something new, so coming soon is a helpful infographic: An Editing Checklist for Fantastical Hobbyists.

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Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

I was nominated for another award today called the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award. This is my second award, my first one being the Sunshine Blogger Award. I was nominated by S. G. Baker, creator of the blog Word Nerd Scribbles, which has AMAZING fantasy/horror flash fiction, as well as book reviews and writing advice. If you like my blog, you should definitely take a look.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.
  2. Answer their questions.
  3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.
  4. Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog.
  5. List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.
  6. Provide the link of the award creator of Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award as Rising Star from


What do you get from blogging? In what way does blogging satisfy you?

I get the excitement and satisfaction of sharing my thoughts with the world. Blogging also encourages me to write every day, or most days at least, which is a great goal.

If you could be doing anything at all right now, what would you be doing?

Realistically, writing. 📝

But you said anything at all, so… going on a corona-free Mediterranean cruise. 😛

From the field of your blog’s niche, whose work would you most love to promote?

I don’t know if I’m interpreting this correctly, but in my opinion, the best blogs similar to mine are… wow, this is a hard question. Now that I think of it, I don’t really know of any blogs that similar to mine. I suppose Word Nerd Scribbles (my nominator – link above), because I always look forward to Thursdays, when there is a new short story.

What project lays dormant in your heart right now, waiting to come out when you’re ready?

Wow. I don’t know. Perhaps to publish a book — I just started working on a novel that it’s likely I’ll never finish, but maybe I will… only time (and, of course, hard work) will tell.

What do you tell people scares you the most when you cannot tell the truth?

Well, I haven’t really been asked that very much, and when I have, it’s by people that I do tell the truth to. But I would say that two of my fears are bugs and surrealism.

Well, I’m not really scared of bugs (well, I kind of am), I mostly just hate them… same with worms and spiders and all those little things. I don’t like touching them. I would not touch a big bug or a worm or a snail.. I might touch a frog but I wouldn’t hold it. I’m fairly comfortable touching things like starfish and urchins though, like in aquariums, as long as they aren’t too slimy…

I’m also kind of scared of “surrealism.” What I mean by this is, like, mirrors. I don’t like mirrors at all. Like, your reflection doing something different… I know it’s silly but it’s always in the back of my mind when I look at myself in one.

I nominate…

Since last time, I nominated blogs that I enjoy reading, this time I will nominate some of the bloggers who read my blog.








My Questions For You

Since none of my nominees are the same as mine for the Sunshine Blogger Award, I’m going to reuse some of my questions.

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What things are you interested in besides your blog niche?
  3. Which of your posts has been the most popular? Reflect on this… why, do you think? Do you agree? Is it really your best work or is it just what seems like would appeal to readers (in your opinion)?
  4. What motivates you in life?
  5. Do you ever feel nervous before publishing a blog post?

Note: If you are an award-free blog, or you have a different reason to not accept this award, that is totally fine.

Now I never know how to conclude posts…


That works. ;P

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Are You a True word Nerd? Take teh Quiz

Do you think you are a “true” word nerd?

Do you have multiple books going and countless TBRs?

Do you read the dictionary for fun?

Do you enjoy writing, reading, spelling, and more?

Take this 20-question personality quiz to reflect on these questions and more.

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My Favorite Posts on Words on Key

I have the Top Posts & Pages widget on Words on Key and it is labeled My Best Words, According to You. (In case you don’t know, widgets are the ‘tools’ located on the sidebar for computers and at the bottom for tablets and phones, and they include, for example, a search bar or a email subscription form.) Although it is a nice widget to have, I don’t always agree with the posts that are most ‘liked.’ For instance, 50 Followers (May 12) has been at the top of the list for a while, but it isn’t necessarily my “Best Words,” because I hardly even wrote anything in it. It’s just the one that people clicked Like on the most. Same with The Midwest Baker is Live. So, I have made my own list of what I am most proud of. I will also be adding it as a widget. I am really bad at choosing things and ranking things, so this took a while to do. I will edit the widget and the page when I publish a new post I’m proud enough of that it makes it to the list, but this post will stay the same, so if you’re reading it a while after it was published (June 9), it might be out of date.

Here are my best words, according to me