50 Unique Questions to Get to Know Your Character

Many writing blogs and books emphasize that you should know your character inside and out even before you start writing. Despite the fact that they only help you think about the basics like appearance and main motive, they usually talk about how important it is to know way more than you’ll ever tell your reader about.

I definitely think knowing who you’re writing about is important, but it feels frustrating and boring to write details you know you’ll never use.

These questions are not the basics. They’re ones that, while specific, will help you figure out how to write the world through the eyes of your character. And of course, they’re fun.

If you have a WordPress account, to keep track of this series, follow the tag #50CharacterQuestions.

Questions So Far

What would your character title their memoir?
What question does your character get asked the most?
What would your character do if they found fifty dollars on the ground?
What mood is your character in?

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