Three Line Tales 262 – Road

The thunder echoed across the barren land, a monstrous gray cloud loomed overhead.

She squinted out the car window at the woman, who kept her foot slammed on the gas pedal and screamed through the rain, “We’re in this together!”

She nodded in agreement before turning back to the road cracked and worn by lightning and muttered, “That’s what you think.”

Random thought of the day 06/27/2020

Today my brother asked me if light was a solid, liquid, or gas.

While writing this post, I looked it up, and according to ChemCareers Zone, which appears to be a Q&A platform for science questions…

Well, it’s… light, which is its own thing (the universe is not just made from gasses, liquids and solids… there are, supercritical gasses, plasmas, etc. too).
In more detail, light is made of particles called photons, that have no charge, have a spin of 1 and move at the speed of light.
They are the force carrying particles for the electromagnetic force (for example, when two negatively charged electrons repel each other this can be described as them exchanging photons).

Ian Cade, November 13, 2014, ChemCareers Zone

Random thought of the day 06/24/2020

So let’s say you’re falling while standing on a 4×4 foot platform, or a plane, or something. I always imagine it as a biplane, for some reason. First of all, is that even possible? To be falling through the sky, and a plane is also falling, and you stand on it?

Anyway, if it is, so you’re standing on it — kind of like you’re “surfing,” I guess. (Obviously not nearly as in control, though.) And since you’ve been falling in the sky all this time, you’re going to die when you hit the ground. But when you’re like 30 feet from the ground, you jump off the falling plane, and jump away from the plane so you’re not in the explosion, and would you survive?? Because would that count as only a 30-foot jump?? Can you do that, jump off something falling?

I like physics, but I don’t know that much about it. I figure the answer is no. Or maybe not unless the circumstances were very specific and miraculous. It would be kind of cool though.

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt #42

I am participating in the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt #42 hosted by Shweta Suresh, it is similar to my Tiny Tales and the Three Line Tales but it only can be six words long. This is my first time participating but as you can see, it is the 42nd one she’s done. Click here to read more of the guidelines. Today’s prompt was ‘coffee,’ the word ‘coffee’ didn’t have to be in the story, but the story had to relate to it. These were much harder than I was anticipating and I’m not especially proud of this one… but here we go.

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