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The 10 Best Writing Tips I’ve Learned

What is good writing?

A question without a simple answer.

I am no expert at writing — or anything, for that matter. You need many years to gain expertise, and I haven’t had many years yet. But I do love writing, and I get better at it every day. Here are some things I have learned from online, other people, and my own experience.

Red pen lying beside a page of writing with some markings and corrections.
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I decided to try something new, so coming soon is a helpful infographic: An Editing Checklist for Fantastical Hobbyists.

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The Untitled Book – Chapter 3

Catch up:

Chapter 1 (Finn)
Chapter 2 (Mabel)

Summary of Chapter 2:
After Finn was kidnapped, Mabel secretly followed them through the portal and listened to their conversation. Ilten Bay, the man who kidnapped him, had pretended to be Finn’s uncle for years, raising him, until he was caught when Finn was about seven years old. Now he is forcing Finn to attempt the Trials, magical tests of Courage, Ingenuity, and Passion. Finn tries to reject and is almost killed. Finally, Ilten Bay takes him through another portal and Mabel follows again.

When I emerge, I find myself standing in a place that is completely flat and empty, even way off in the distance. 

There is nowhere to hide.

End of Chapter 2
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The Untitled Book, Chapter 1

Note that The Untitled Book – Chapter 0, which I have deleted, is part of the same story, but I ended up not including it in the actual book. After all, who would read a whole prologue just describing the character??

This is the very first draft of Chapter 1 of this book, just saying — it’s very far from what the end result will be. I’ve done about three words of editing, if that. But I’m not saying that in a way that I’m ashamed of that or anything, of course. I strongly agree with the saying “write now, edit later,” although (for me, at least) it’s really difficult sometimes.

Note that this story switches perspectives every chapter, so that’s why there is a name at the top of this one.

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