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Hamilton Songs Ranked (Part 1)

Now that Hamilton has come out on Disney+, a lot more people are watching it. I’ve been meaning to write a post related to Hamilton ever since we watched it on July 3rd, the day it came out. I’ve watched it about two and a half times so far. It never gets old (or maybe I’m speaking to soon?) because you always notice something new.

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Tiny Tale Bundle #11

Tiny Tale Thursday Friday

Tiny Tale Bundles Rules:

  • There will be a prompt. This prompt might be a single word, a picture, a character, or something else.
  • Write a ‘bundle’ of three different Tiny Tales inspired by the prompt.
  • The word limit is one hundred words.
  • If the prompt is a word, then using variations of the word (for example for the word “scratch,” the word “scratched”) is okay too.
  • If you want to do this challenge, please properly credit by including a link to this blog post (if you are doing this challenge in blog post form).
  • Optional: tag it with #tinytalebundles
  • Optional: display the word count.

The prompt today is…


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Day/Story #1 – Prompt #80: Spiderman?

I have a book called Complete the Story and it has 150 interesting writing prompts. I recommend it to anyone who often faces writer’s block. I am going to try to do one a day. This is day #1, and prompt #80 in the book. Today, my challenge was putting in something obscure and portraying it in a thoughtful way.

I shouldn’t have joked about superpowers when that weird spider bit me. Sure, I’ve read too many comic books, but I’m a sane and reasonable person. Surely it’s just my imagination that I can…

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