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Day/Story #6 – Prompt #143: Ghost

I have a book called Complete the Story and it has 150 interesting writing prompts. I recommend it to anyone who often faces writer’s block. I am going to try to do one a day. This is day #6, and prompt #143 in the book. Today, my challenge was to sum up a few main points in the life of my character.

Prompt: I have been haunting this museum for thirty-nine years. I like to think my presence has helped to keep the place interesting to its clientele. The newspapers call me the…

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Vaughan Museum 1

Chapter 1: Vaughan Museum

A bundle of tourists frenzies around the room, snapping pictures, pretending to read the signs, and touching them. I somehow swim upstream far enough to find my favorite bench, in the corner, at the entrance to the bird exhibit.

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