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A Sarcastic Post About Your Own Social Distancing Guidelines (Or, An Unofficial Guide to Covid-Code)

After spending over two months in quarantine, we’ve all developed our own opinions about all this, and you’ve probably gotten a little used to not having as many social interactions. But for a lot of places, including here, the Safer-at-Home order has lifted recently, which probably means we’ll start seeing more people, even if we don’t jump straight to crowds. So… what if there was a way to right-away show how concerned you are and how you want others to treat you?

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Complete the Story Update

The novel coronavirus is, obviously, affecting everyone in one way or another. For me, school has just been officially closed for the rest of the year. There are some things that I was looking forward to that I’ll miss. For example, I qualified for a state competition in an extracurricular activity, and a two-night stay in another part of my state had been scheduled for it this Thursday through Saturday, and I was really looking forward to that. But I also realize that I am so much luckier than so many other people, with the fact that I have a safe home big enough to accommodate us, and a yard, and the privilege to still be able to go for quick walks, and a lot more. Getting to the point: I’m still adjusting to online school, and getting ready to handle it for the rest of the year, and I’ve been kind of busy. If you have noticed, I’ve missed more days of my “daily” Complete the Stories recently, so from now on, I’m just going to do it every other day, starting next week, to give myself a few more days to catch up because this is a busy week for me. I hope everyone has a good and healthy spring.

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D-Dino Morphball

So…SARS-CoV-2 (the virus)/COVID-19 (the disease) hasn’t stopped since the last time I wrote about it. My school is still closed. Nothing much new has happened there, besides the fact that I now will for sure have school off the week of March 30. But I’m going to provide my insight on the whole thing.

First of all, we really need to set some vocabulary terms straight.

pan-dem-ic /panˈdemik/

adj. (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

n. an outbreak of a pandemic disease.
“the results may have been skewed by an influenza pandemic”

ep-i-dem-ic /ˌepəˈdemik/

n. a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.
“a flu epidemic”

adj. the nature of an epidemic.
“shoplifting has reached epidemic proportions”

Even more importantly and commonly-mistaken are the terms quarantine, isolation, and social distancing. In this case, a quarantine is when you are…

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