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Question 1 – 50 Unique Questions to Get to Know Your Character

This question will help you know how your character views their life. It might give signs to whether they think positively or negatively, and their general personality. It might tell you how much they would enjoy doing this activity.

The question is…
Posted in Quick Reads, Words, Writing, Writing Advice


(I had no idea what to name this, so bear with me despite the odd title.)

Recently, I made a new category on Words on Key: Writing Tips.

As a random teenager who has never gone to college, published a book, or taught a class, you might be thinking that I am not qualified to give writing advice. And you’d be right.

What I do know about writing is that I love it. Also that I don’t want to only follow the rules of it. The reason I love it is because there are no rules.

When I give writing advice, it might not be what you’ve heard before, and it might not be something you agree with. Because it’ll be about my own thoughts, and there will never be rules, just ideas.

Here’s my first idea.

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A New Look

I rarely ever do this, but instead of writing a post today, I decided to redesign my website.

If you read my blog in WordPress Reader, you may not have seen how it used to look, but now it is very different, with all new colors, pages, and options. It looks better on a computer or tablet than a phone, but still fine.

Click here to see the new Words on Key.