After accepting my first few blogging awards, they went to the top of all my Most Popular Posts lists. I realized that that’s not what I want to represent me. On my blog, my goal is to share my thoughts related to my passions, display my stories and other writing work, and more, and I want to publish the best content I can.

That said, I want to somehow acknowledge and share that I have been recognized by someone enough to earn a chain letter-type award (e.g. the Sunshine Blogger Award), because I won’t deny that it is exciting that my work is impacting people.

This page is for displaying all the awards I have won before for my blog. Some of them may be informal, chain letter-type awards, like I just mentioned, and others might be more serious.

For the chain letter-type awards, I will unfortunately not be participating in the Q-&-A aspect of it, nor in the part where one nominates other bloggers. I will display the award logo in the gallery below and make a list of my nominators to thank them.

These are all added in chronological order, the first one I received being in the top left corner and the images reading from left to right. If there are repeats, they are not mistakes, I just was awarded the same one several times.

The Thinking Pen
Word Nerd Scribbles
PatBunny’s Blog

That’s all so far!

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