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Help Me Write a Story!

Here is my proposal.

I will write a short first part of a story, and below the story there will be a box. Anyone, after reading the part, can type in the box a following short part. If it is the only submission, it will go next, and if not, I will choose one for the story. If no one contributes that time around, I will either write another part or ask someone I know to. We can see how long and where the story goes.

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Good News

Yesterday I got my second COVID vaccine! I’m glad that it seems we’re finally coming out of this.

On the negative side, I had chills today and my teeth REALLY hurt. I spent most of the day doing nothing (the post I published today, I had scheduled a few days ago). It’s worth it, though, for contributing to the pandemic’s end, and the side effects will probably (I hope!) be gone by tomorrow.

Hopefully, the vaccines are approved for ages 12 and under soon. It’ll be so weird not wearing masks around people, but if there’s one thing we learned from these years, it’s that change is important, and so is the ability to adapt to it.

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A Single Arrow: Chapter 2 of 5

Finally, the long-awaited (long-awaited by me, at least, if anyone) part two of A Single Arrow!

If you haven’t read chapter 1, or even if you have — it was posted in early February — click here to read it first so that you know what’s going on. It’s not too long, and it’s more interesting than a summary. But I understand that you probably didn’t come here to go down a rabbit hole of links, so here is a summary of part 1.

Click to read a summary of Chapter 1.

Teya Redstone is the royal executioner/assassin for the medieval fantasy country of Tharland. She loves drawing and was raised with her older brother, Rian, by a maid named Emme.

Rian committed a crime that is unclear in Chapter 1, and has been sentenced to execution. But that means Teya faces the choice of executing her brother… or being executed herself for a job badly done.

During the execution, Rian chooses to be executed by bow and arrow, an unpopular choice among criminals. Teya has been driven to near insanity with the decision, but finally releases the bowstring. But she misses by inches at the same time that Emme runs in and tries to convince the council (this country’s version of a royal family) to spare Teya the burden of executing her brother. Her argument fails, and she and Rian are sent to the dungeon. Teya is confined to her small bedroom, where she stays up late into the night and makes an escape plan.

Now for Chapter 2.

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This is a spoken-word poem I wrote about the pandemic. It looks a little long, but it only has a few words per line. It’s better when heard in-person, in my opinion, but I’d appreciate it if you read it anyway because it’s probably the best poem I’ve ever written. (Not that that’s much of an accomplishment, since I’ve written like 4 poems after third grade.)

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Summer Reading (otherwise known as My Eight-Page List of To-Be-Reads)

With school soon to go out and a stretch of three months with hopefully very few Zoom meetings, of course I will be doing my two favorite things: reading and writing. What better way to waste time than handwrite an eight-page list of two hundred books I want to read but never will get to?

Well, I definitely won’t with that attitude. So I guess we’re just seeing how many I can read this summer, and then the fall, and then the winter. After writing my list, I put them in a random order. Here it is.

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National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month!

If it was summer and I wasn’t busy with school, I would challenge myself to write one poem a day for the whole month. But I don’t think I can physically accomplish that with the measly 24 hours a day we are given. So today I will share this poem that I wrote. I will also try to write a few other poems this month.

The poem today represents what I expect this month will bring, just like the rest of the past year. But it won’t be too bad. Here it is: Ode to Solitude.

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A Letter to a Newcomer: Part 1

I came across this post from my old blog (which, as you know if you’ve been reading my words for a while, my eight-year-old brother now writes on)… it was already so long ago (December 2019!). I had fun rereading it so I wanted to share it again. Click here to read the second part of it.

D-Dino Morphball

Dear Alien,

Welcome! We are located in the Milky Way galaxy and in this solar system, which we call our Solar System (great name). We live on a planet called Earth, which means ground. Boring, isn’t it? I’d have come up with something better. All the other planets in our solar system are named after strong, powerful, mythical gods and goddesses, but we have to be named after dirt. And another thing–can you guess what our one moon is called?

But that’s beside the point. Earth is a wonderful planet filled with oceans (large bodies of water) and continents. You see, we divided up our land into continents. There are 5 to 7 of them, depending on who you ask. Within these continents are countries (except for Antarctica, which is located around our south pole), and within them are provinces, states, counties, or something of the like. And within those…

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