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PART 4 of the Collaborative Story

Almost two months ago I wrote the beginning of a story and invited anyone to continue it by typing in a box at the bottom. When I published Part 3 there were some technical difficulties. Not many people ended up seeing it, so I’m writing the next part to try to pick things up again.

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Ultimate Reading List Book Review: The Stranger In the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel

Being the first nonfiction book I’ve read in over a year, I may be biased on this one since I’m not used to books that read like long articles.

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Question 5 – 50 Unique Questions to Get to Know Your Character

This question may seem basic, but it says a lot about your character’s mindset and what they enjoy.

What is your character’s favorite game and why?

Some people like shooting hoops all day long. Others enjoy doing a thousands-piece puzzle with a cup of tea. One might prefer games purely luck-based, or they like gathering with friends for roleplaying games or video games. These four examples are just some possibilities, and they already hint to a person’s strengths and hobbies.

Follow-Up Questions

  • Who do they like playing it with, or is it single-player?
  • Why do they like this game?

Character Profile

Memoir title: My Boring Life
What this says: Sarcastic, doesn’t think their life has anything worth writing a memoir about, probably doesn’t really want to write a memoir anyway

Question they get asked the most: “Why aren’t you at school?”
What this says: Is (or at least looks) under 18, often doesn’t go to school — maybe homeschooled, skips class, can’t go for some reason…

If found dropped $50, they would: Take it
What this says: Might need it, might not; the other options might not have even crossed their mind

Current mood: Good
What this says: Something good might have just happened to them

Favorite game: Scrabble
What this says: Probably likes games that require skill and/or intelligence, has a wide vocabulary, may or may not enjoy active games and sports

There is a 50CharacterQuestions page now, which can be found here. You can see all the questions in the series so far, as well as some information on what it is.

If you have a WordPress account, to keep track of this series, follow the tag #50CharacterQuestions.

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Book Review: Fangirl – The Manga – Book 1 by Sam Maggs and Gabi Nam

A few weeks ago I read and reviewed Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, one of the first books on The Ultimate Reading List. Later, in one of my many aimless library browses, I found the first book of a manga version and picked it up for a half-hour read. Normally I wouldn’t write a whole post about a quick, random book, but since I just wrote about the original, I thought it would be fun to compare the two.

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