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I am ikwords, and I’m glad you have come across my blog! I’m in middle school and I live in the Midwest. I love all word-related things — writing, reading, language and linguistics, spelling and grammar, you name it. If you are a word nerd, then this is the right blog for you. For your convenience, I have sorted my posts into categories, so if you are only interested in looking at one thing, you can hover over Blog.
I have been interested in words for my whole life; I learned to read and write at a young age and I’ve been a word nerd ever since!
I started my first blog when I was seven years old and now my brother, who is also seven, writes on it. Upon creating Words on Key, I hoped that it would be more mature and up-to-date with my personality, and I think it is. For example, I started Galactickidblog when I was interested in outer space, which lasted around three or four years, but ended a while after Galactickidblog had been made, so I wanted to have a new name and URL.

If I had to choose one of the things I blog about, it would definitely be writing. Although I like everything word-related, writing really tops it all by far. Even if I’m not very proud of it, or I don’t spend much time revising, it gives me freedom to do just about anything. This is also why I like writing fantasy, as I say in one of my posts. I blog because I like writing, and I like sharing it with the world. And there’s that feeling of satisfaction of having your very own website, publishing your own content. Also, if I haven’t met you yet, I’m usually pretty shy but I feel that I cannot be shy at all through my writing. What I mean is, you would probably learn a lot more about me if I wrote you a letter than if I met you in person. Hence, one of my reasons for having a blog.Well anyway, I hope you are enjoying your experience so far. If you feel the need or want to, go ahead and give me feedback in the Contact page! You can also learn more about Words on Key here. If you like Words on Key, don’t forget to subscribe and like my posts!



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National Writing Day



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National Read Across America Day



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Words on Key’s Birthday

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