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My Favorite Posts on Words on Key

I have the Top Posts & Pages widget on Words on Key and it is labeled My Best Words, According to You. (In case you don’t know, widgets are the ‘tools’ located on the sidebar for computers and at the bottom for tablets and phones, and they include, for example, a search bar or a email subscription form.) Although it is a nice widget to have, I don’t always agree with the posts that are most ‘liked.’ For instance, 50 Followers (May 12) has been at the top of the list for a while, but it isn’t necessarily my “Best Words,” because I hardly even wrote anything in it. It’s just the one that people clicked Like on the most. Same with The Midwest Baker is Live. So, I have made my own list of what I am most proud of. I will also be adding it as a widget. I am really bad at choosing things and ranking things, so this took a while to do. I will edit the widget and the page when I publish a new post I’m proud enough of that it makes it to the list, but this post will stay the same, so if you’re reading it a while after it was published (June 9), it might be out of date.

Here are my best words, according to me