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Question 3 – 50 Unique Questions to Get to Know Your Character

This question is a twist on the usual “What would they do with a million dollars?”.

What would your character do if they found fifty dollars on the ground?

Would they take it? Give it to someone? Leave it for someone else to find? Try to return it to the owner? Glue it to the sidewalk as a prank? Not only does this question answer how your character sees and spends money, it also shows their selflessness, if any.

Follow-Up Questions

  • If they would take it, what would they spend it on?
  • If they would give it to someone, who would they give it to?
  • If they would leave it for someone else, would they leave it in the same spot or take it somewhere else?
  • If they would return it to the owner, how would they try to do it?
  • What if it was one dollar? Or a million?
  • Would the amount of people watching them affect what they do?

Character Profile

Memoir title: My Boring Life
What this says: Sarcastic, doesn’t think their life has anything worth writing a memoir about, probably doesn’t really want to write a memoir anyway

Question they get asked the most: “Why aren’t you at school?”
What this says: Is (or at least looks) under 18, often doesn’t go to school — maybe homeschooled, skips class, can’t go for some reason…

If found dropped $50, they would: Take it
What this says: Might need it, might not; the other options might not have even crossed their mind

If you have a WordPress account, to keep track of this series, follow the tag #50CharacterQuestions.

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2 thoughts on “Question 3 – 50 Unique Questions to Get to Know Your Character

  1. I have to admit that I typically jump right into writing without thinking about worldbuilding and character creation beforehand. Maybe I should use these techniques in my future stories. Thanks for this post!

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