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Question 2 – 50 Unique Questions to Get to Know Your Character

This question can tell you some things about the character’s personality and how other people see them.

What question does your character get asked the most?

Depending on the answer, you can learn a lot of different things from this question, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Religion/Beliefs
  • Location
  • Style (fashion, art, etc.)
  • Fame or status
  • Situation
  • Quirks
  • Disabilities

And many more small, specific things. Also, think about who they would see the most in their life, and if that would contribute.

Follow-Up Questions

  • Who usually asks them this question?
  • Why are they asked it?

Character Profile

Memoir title: My Boring Life
What this says: Sarcastic, doesn’t think their life has anything worth writing a memoir about, probably doesn’t really want to write a memoir anyway

Question they get asked the most: “Why aren’t you at school?”
What this says: Is (or at least looks) under 18, often doesn’t go to school — maybe homeschooled, skips class, can’t go for some reason…


If you have a WordPress account, to keep track of this series, follow the tag #50CharacterQuestions.


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