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Good News

Yesterday I got my second COVID vaccine! I’m glad that it seems we’re finally coming out of this.

On the negative side, I had chills today and my teeth REALLY hurt. I spent most of the day doing nothing (the post I published today, I had scheduled a few days ago). It’s worth it, though, for contributing to the pandemic’s end, and the side effects will probably (I hope!) be gone by tomorrow.

Hopefully, the vaccines are approved for ages 12 and under soon. It’ll be so weird not wearing masks around people, but if there’s one thing we learned from these years, it’s that change is important, and so is the ability to adapt to it.


A teenager obsessed with words of all kinds. When I’m not reading or writing, I like musical theater, drawing, and painting. (she/her)

4 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Cheers for being fully vaccinated and for doing your part to help our society get back on its feet! I am also fully vaccinated, and I had a rough time recovering from the second dose. But it’s so worth it, and I have felt so much less stress since being fully vaccinated!

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