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This is a spoken-word poem I wrote about the pandemic. It looks a little long, but it only has a few words per line. It’s better when heard in-person, in my opinion, but I’d appreciate it if you read it anyway because it’s probably the best poem I’ve ever written. (Not that that’s much of an accomplishment, since I’ve written like 4 poems after third grade.)


Throughout the newborn decade, our sonder somber souls
brought back the bits, we sewed up the holes.
In this unprecedented time
where new presidents and poets alike
rise to climb and lead and rhyme,
we need
to understand that
it’s time to turn on our mic
to face the crowd
to shout out loud
It is our task to ask
if every life, every voice matters

And then the glass ceiling shatters
Our world has been rocked
and taken and shaken and tattered.
And we ask
through our mask
how to help
how to be free
how to stay
If we can
smile with our eyes.
Yes, we can reconcile
we can cut ties
with the dark, escape,
find a spark.

A falling star, rebound would redound
Yet as he hit the ground, we found
We can unite through a moment of silence
Reach our hands from a distance
in an endless, relentless repetition of a nightmare
where it doesn’t matter what you wear
no one sees your braided hair
you don’t turn on your tiny black square
you don’t ever have to care
so you lose yourself
as you stare
in the mirror
wondering when it will end
when everything will be normal again.
Wondering if we will ever escape this virus
to feel the warmth of a hand and
see beaming lips
not have to pick up curbside
dine in an igloo beside
an empty room. They say
it’s a hiccup. They say
it gets better.
But in the meantime
your pillow gets wetter.
It will be better.
You matter. And after
it’s over, we’ve all
learned a lot
We’ve navigated
this wild plot
We’ve debated
and hated
and waited and waited
and we will escape.
We will remember to love.
We will feel the warmth of a hand and
see beaming lips.
So find something to wear
keep braiding your hair
show your face and
know that people care
and so should you.
We will escape and
get back in shape.

Know your luck
as you trudge through the muck
the havoc
the last year wreaked on your world
on your country,
on your town,
on you,
the world coming down
with a fever.
You cannot eschew
this reality.
But you can see
that it’s not all bad.
It’s okay to be sad.
Take a walk.
Look around.
Cause although we’ve found
ourselves in a dire situation
we’ve also found ourselves
through a grand transformation
when it’s over
you’ll look back and see
Rainbows on windows
Singing on rooftops
Zoom birthday parties
Clean air and waters
You’ll look back and be





A teenager obsessed with words of all kinds. When I’m not reading or writing, I like musical theater, drawing, and painting. (she/her)

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