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National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month!

If it was summer and I wasn’t busy with school, I would challenge myself to write one poem a day for the whole month. But I don’t think I can physically accomplish that with the measly 24 hours a day we are given. So today I will share this poem that I wrote. I will also try to write a few other poems this month.

The poem today represents what I expect this month will bring, just like the rest of the past year. But it won’t be too bad. Here it is: Ode to Solitude.

Ode to Solitude

by ikwords

I think I speak for everyone when I say
I did not expect to live a year this way.
We were forced into a new freestyle lifestyle,
Meanwhile we still managed to make it worthwhile,
I’ll put on a smile.

This ode is to solitude,
Something we always wish we did have
and hate when we do have.

There is a difference between alone and lonely.
Alone is peaceful, thoughtful, blissful. You are only
lonely when you wish you were not.
Lonely, a silence fraught.

Just a moment
of peace, learn to
own it,
yearn to
it back.

Watching the clouds roam past the day.
Staying home,
all day,
hidden away.
Picking up again what’s been left on your desk.
Making something beautiful out of this mess.

To conclude,
is what I have learned to love.
Learned to be appreciative of.
Because everything ends, fast as a flash
and you’ll wish you had made the moment last.


A Midwestern middle-school girl who loves writing, words and music.

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