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A Letter to a Newcomer: Part 1

I came across this post from my old blog (which, as you know if you’ve been reading my words for a while, my eight-year-old brother now writes on)… it was already so long ago (December 2019!). I had fun rereading it so I wanted to share it again. Click here to read the second part of it.

D-Dino Morphball

Dear Alien,

Welcome! We are located in the Milky Way galaxy and in this solar system, which we call our Solar System (great name). We live on a planet called Earth, which means ground. Boring, isn’t it? I’d have come up with something better. All the other planets in our solar system are named after strong, powerful, mythical gods and goddesses, but we have to be named after dirt. And another thing–can you guess what our one moon is called?

But that’s beside the point. Earth is a wonderful planet filled with oceans (large bodies of water) and continents. You see, we divided up our land into continents. There are 5 to 7 of them, depending on who you ask. Within these continents are countries (except for Antarctica, which is located around our south pole), and within them are provinces, states, counties, or something of the like. And within those…

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