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Tiny Tale Bundle #14

Tiny Tale Bundles Rules:

  • There will be a prompt. This prompt might be a single word, a picture, a character, or something else.
  • Write a ‘bundle’ of three different Tiny Tales inspired by the prompt.
  • The word limit is one hundred words.
  • If the prompt is a word, then using variations of the word (for example for the word “scratch,” the word “scratched”) is okay too.
  • If you want to do this challenge, please properly credit by including a link to this blog post (if you are doing this challenge in blog post form).
  • Optional: tag it with #tinytalebundles
  • Optional: display the word count.

The prompt today is…

A silhouette of two people in camping chairs watching a sunset, a tree next to them. The main colors are red and black.

Tiny Tale #1

by Ikwords

After hesitating, Lana pressed on the brakes and walked up the hill, toward the girl sitting in the chair. An empty chair beside her. Lana carefully approached the girl, looking about in her late twenties. “Hello,” she said carefully. The girl continued to stare blankly at the sunset, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks and leaving wet spots in her shirt.

Lana sat down beside her and held her hand. Neither one said anything for a full half-hour. Eventually, she helped the girl up and led her back to her car. “Come on,” Lana said. “You can come with me.”

Tiny Tale #2

by Ikwords

Shan pushed his gelled hair back a final time and straightened his jacket. He hoped it was enough to impress her. It was his first blind date and he didn’t know what to expect. “Hello,” he said, holding out his hand. “Marianne?”

“Yes,” she smiled and shook it. “Shan.” Marianne wore a short strawberry-pink dress and mint-green leggings. She had no makeup and her hair was tied in a messy ponytail.

Shan smiled and sat down next to her. He ruffled his hair a bit, undoing the hour’s work he had spent on it. “So what brought you to Mayville?”

Tiny Tale #3

by Ikwords

“Beautiful sunset.”


“So what happened today?”

“Oh! Okay, Stan — my boss — he said that he would be out all day.”


“And then Kyle was doing an impression of him and he walked in right at that moment! It was hilarious!”

“Oh my gosh! Ha!”

“What about you?”

“Oh, nothing much happened today. You know, the usual.”

“Are you sure? Nothing happened? You’re smiling.”

“I’m smiling because your story was funny.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Okay, okay, fine. I… I was accepted to a cooking show.”

“Oh my God, Cassidy! That’s so amazing! When is it?”

Tiny Tale #4

by TNE

He stared into her eyes, blue as sky, knowing she was the one. She glanced at him with a loving smile. He could feel it burning a whole in his pocket. Just chanting “do it, do it.”

“I’m going to go grab something,” he said, as he stood out of his camp chair. He walked away as she gazed at the sunset. He grabbed the ring box out of his pocket and opened it up. He saw the small hoop with it’s perfect diamonds that sparkled like the stars. Was it too soon? What if she says no? His heart was racing, He wiped a drip of sweat from his forehead, and started walking back to her.


A teenager obsessed with words of all kinds. When I’m not reading or writing, I like musical theater, drawing, and painting. (she/her)

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