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Tiny Tale Bundle #12

Tiny Tale Thursday Friday

Tiny Tale Bundles Rules:

  • There will be a prompt. This prompt might be a single word, a picture, a character, or something else.
  • Write a ‘bundle’ of three different Tiny Tales inspired by the prompt.
  • The word limit is one hundred words.
  • If the prompt is a word, then using variations of the word (for example for the word “scratch,” the word “scratched”) is okay too.
  • If you want to do this challenge, please properly credit by including a link to this blog post (if you are doing this challenge in blog post form).
  • Optional: tag it with #tinytalebundles
  • Optional: display the word count.

But! Every 12 TTBs (it was going to be ten, but I forgot to do it on the 10th one :P), a new type of prompt is introduced. So far, there have been word prompts (1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 11) and photo prompts (2, 4, 5, 7, 10), and now I am introducing… Tiny Tale Journals!

Tiny Tale Journals are a variation of Tiny Tales. For them, you can either use yourself, a fictional character, or someone else in real life (i.e., a historical figure you know a lot about). This is a great exercise to get to know your characters better if you are writing a novel. The prompt will be a question or a few words, and, like a journal entry, you will write either three or one answer(s) to it, depending on whether you are doing a bundle or just one. The 100-word limit remains the same. Saying whether it is your own experience or someone else’s, real or fictional, is optional. Either way, the entries are to be written in first-person POV (I, we, me, my). A summary of this paragraph will be added to the Tiny Tale Bundles Rules.

The prompt today is…

What is/are your goal(s)?

These are about Finn, a main character in a story I am writing. The latest chapter.

Tiny Tale #1

I want to get out of this endless trap that is my life. Not that I want to die, but I’m not really sure what I want. Crrenia is a messed-up place, and I want to change that, even though I know I can’t. Still, it’s what I think of every night when I fall asleep under the starry olive green sky. I wish it wasn’t like this. I wish I didn’t have to think this. I wish I had potential. I want to do something with my life other than live.

Tiny Tale #2

I want to find my family. I often wonder what it would be like right now, close my eyes and imagine where I would be, what I would be doing, if I lived with my family. But I want to at least find out if they are alive, and if they are, then I want to meet them. Tell them I forgive them.

Tiny Tale #3

Since I know that I’m not going to get much better, and I’m probably going to die soon anyway, my goal is for Mabel to have a good life.

Then again, the only way to do that is by taking me out of it.


A teenager obsessed with words of all kinds. When I’m not reading or writing, I like musical theater, drawing, and painting. (she/her)

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