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Random thought of the day 06/27/2020

Today my brother asked me if light was a solid, liquid, or gas.

While writing this post, I looked it up, and according to ChemCareers Zone, which appears to be a Q&A platform for science questions…

Well, it’s… light, which is its own thing (the universe is not just made from gasses, liquids and solids… there are, supercritical gasses, plasmas, etc. too).
In more detail, light is made of particles called photons, that have no charge, have a spin of 1 and move at the speed of light.
They are the force carrying particles for the electromagnetic force (for example, when two negatively charged electrons repel each other this can be described as them exchanging photons).

Ian Cade, November 13, 2014, ChemCareers Zone


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