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The Dragons

“Once, the Earth was inhabited by dragons. But not the airplane-sized ones you’re imagining. I mean massive, powerful dragons. They were undefeatable, no matter how hard anyone tried. Not that there was anyone else to challenge them.

“Until one perfectly normal day. The dragons were flying about, as normal, when suddenly, droplets of a strange liquid began to fall from the sky. You see, there were a few leaks in the sky, which could be seen at night — little white dots against the darkness. The leaks dripped water which landed on the clouds and, for years and years, the clouds held up the water. But this happened to be the day that the clouds couldn’t hold another drop. So they started draining, releasing all the water a tiny bit at a time. Over time, the leaks in the sky grew larger, so now the clouds drain much more often, and we call it rain.

“The thing is, though, the dragons did not need to drink water. In fact, they breathed fire, so water was very dangerous. The moment it started dripping on them, they were killed.

Peter’s eyes widened. “Do you want me to stop telling the story? I’m almost done.” Jason asked. Peter enthusiastically shook his head.

No one knows what happened to the dragons. But as the rain happened more and more, after a few decades, no dragons remained.

“W-wait. Is that story…” Peter said quietly.

“True? No, it’s just a legend, buddy,” Jason said to his little brother, patting his head.

“Oh. Okay. Not true. Huh,” Peter said, looking out at the ocean surrounding the island.


A teenager obsessed with words of all kinds. When I’m not reading or writing, I like musical theater, drawing, and painting. (she/her)

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