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Are You a True word Nerd? Take teh Quiz

Do you think you are a “true” word nerd?

Do you have multiple books going and countless TBRs?

Do you read the dictionary for fun?

Do you enjoy writing, reading, spelling, and more?

Take this 20-question personality quiz to reflect on these questions and more.

I’ve never tried a quiz before on Words on Key, but I got the idea of a post titled [#] Signs You’re a True Word Nerd, and awhile through it, I realized, why not turn it into a personality quiz? They seem kind of popular these days, and so I’m giving it a shot. I thought of a few ways to go about it — I could use a Form block, I could do polls, or I could just write it and you don’t actually click an answer. In the end, as you can see, I chose polls, but you don’t have to enter your answers if you don’t want to. It’s mainly just out of curiosity, so both you and me can see others’ results.

Another thing to remember is: you don’t have to listen to your results. In fact, if you don’t agree with them, I suggest you do ignore them. After all, it is just a fun, non-serious quiz. And another thing with quizzes — you might think of yourself as a ‘true word nerd,’ but these just weren’t the right questions for you to prove it. These questions were ones that mostly applied to me, and everyone’s different, so. Here we go.

(Ex. for the above: My brother peered at the cake. ‘I’m done with dinner,’ he declared immediately. ~ I twiddled the puzzle piece between my fingers until I spotted the place it fit snugly among the others and pushed it in. ‘Nice job,’ I was congratulated.)

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Source for the above question

This is the post I’m talking about above.

Source for the above question

Results – Are you a true word nerd?

Remember: These results are just for fun. You don’t need to listen to them if you don’t agree with them.

If you answered mostly As, your answer is…

Not really a word nerd.

You probably don’t read or write a lot as a hobby. It is likely that you simply do not have a strong passion for words and spend most of your time doing other things. That’s okay though, I’m grateful you stopped by my blog despite this.

If you answered mostly Bs, your answer is…

A bit of a word nerd.

You’ve got a mild case of the ‘word nerd-ness’. You enjoy writing, reading, language, and other subjects of the sort, but you probably have another hobby you enjoy more, so that takes up more of your time. Still, you’d say you are a bit of a word nerd at heart.

If you answered mostly Cs, your answer is…

A word nerd.

You are a word nerd. You love to read and write, and you are interested in and know a fair amount about grammar, language, and spelling. You have a wide vocabulary and word-related activities are a strong hobby for you.

If you answered mostly Ds, your answer is…

A true, full-on word nerd.

Wow!! You are a word machine! It’s most likely what takes up the majority of your day. You read and write almost every day, and don’t hesitate to correct others’ grammar/spelling mistakes. You’re often the person all your friends go to for writing advice, definitions, and/or book recommendations. And you aren’t stopping yet!

Thanks for participating!

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A teenager obsessed with words of all kinds. When I’m not reading or writing, I like drawing, musical theatre, and D&D.

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