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Tiny Tale Bundle #1

I’ve decided to do a thing (don’t know what else to describe it as), it’s not on a schedule yet (but maybe someday it will be “Tiny Tale Thursday” or something). It is inspired by/based on the VSS365 hashtag on Twitter which I learned about from the blog Lisa Stapleton. VSS stands for Very Short Stories.

This is how I plan for it to work:

  • There will be a prompt. This prompt might be a single word, a picture, a character, or something else.
  • I will write a ‘batch’ of three different Tiny Tales inspired by the prompt.
  • The word limit is one hundred words.
  • If the prompt is a word, then I am allowed to use variations of the word, for example for the word “scratch,” the word “scratched” is okay too.
  • If you happen to want to do this challenge too, it would be appreciated if you linked back to my blog, as I did with the blog I got the basic idea from.
  • Optional: tag it with #tinytalebundles
  • Optional: display the word count.

The prompt today is…


Tiny Tale #1

Jare’s mouth watered as he spread the chocolate frosting evenly atop the small cake. He carefully carried the plate to the table, lit a candle, and blew it out quickly, not wanting to attract them. It was a wonderful birthday, because he hadn’t had enough ingredients for a cake in years (even if this cake was a little less sweet than it was supposed to be). He just wished he could celebrate it with his family.

Word count: 76

Tiny Tale #2

“The novel coronavirus is spreading faster than ever. Everyone stay at home and stay safe,” the television reminded her.

Mavis rolled her head back, turned off the TV, and collapsed onto the couch and closed her eyes. She enjoyed a few blissful moments of forgetting everything that was happening in the world around her and not thinking about the struggles that faced her in real life.

Word count: 66

Tiny Tale #3

Kai felt foolish as he spread the slimy stuff on the sidewalk. “Why are we doing this again? And what did you call it?”

“I told you, you’ll find out soon,” Leo said. “Now keep prinkling.”

“Prinkling. That’s it. Why prinkling? What does that even mean?”

“Shh! Keep your voice down. Trust me, just a bit more.” Leo scooped another glob of the substance in the buckets and slopped it onto the concrete.

Word count: 73

These are my Tiny Tales for the word ‘spread.’ I hope you liked it.


A teenager obsessed with words of all kinds. When I’m not reading or writing, I like musical theater, drawing, and painting. (she/her)

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