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The Hidden Collector

There’s this blog that challenges its readers to write “Three Line Tales,” where we write a story with three lines based on the photo above, then link back to the blog and tag it with “3LineTales”. Sometimes, I will do these instead of my Complete the Stories when I don’t have as much time. Today is week 222:

My things rattle in the harsh wind streaming across the sky, and when I glance up nervously out my window, the wind sighs in satisfaction that I am considering going out.

“No, thanks; not today,” I say aloud, for today is Sunday, a busy day, and I can see them trudging around, a few of them even fiddling with my car, and to myself I add, “No one messes with my things,” but I shrink down lower below the window.

I ignore the wind growing stronger and the door flying open as I continue to sift through another box of odds and ends the humans have littered, destroying my beautiful secluded world.

I think I might be kind of cheating, trying to fit a lot into one sentence, but as pretty much all people who have ever written a story will know, sometimes a novel is way easier than a hundred-word or especially three-line story.

The featured image is from the blog post I got the challenge from (link above) but it is originally from Ryan Hafey via Unsplash.


A teenager obsessed with words of all kinds. When I’m not reading or writing, I like drawing, musical theatre, and D&D.

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